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Colour No. : YT4024

Colour : Mauve Satin

Particle description : 5-25μm

Metallic pearls pigment are made by mica coated iron oxide. By coating different thickness of metal oxide layer(Iron oxide), the pigments achieve excellent metal luster, these pigments can be formulated to achieve different kinds of metallic effects including bronze, red brown, wine red, mauve, and coffee effect etc.

Mauve Satin
Fine powder
Particle size
5-25 µm
Loss on drying
< 0.5 %
2.8 - 3.4 g/cm³
Bulk Density
25 - 45 g/100ml
Solubility in water
practically insoluble
PH of water slurry
Temperature resistance
≤700 °C
Oil Absorbtion
45-75 gr. / 100 gr

This pigment powder has metallic and shimmer characteristics that will show up beautifully in your creative projects or works. You can look forward to the high shimmer factor when mixed in with your mediums.

Unique metallic brilliance, excellent heat resistance, outstanding light fastness, good colour stability during the powder coating curing process, Based on the synthetic mica, coated with titanium dioxide with Rutile type, metal Luster Pearl is made through the efficient control of the particle size and The strict raw materials purchasing and the accurate manufacturing process. Superior to the common pearl pigment series in the lightness, color concentration and application, etc.

Pearl pigments applications

With superior quality and brilliant look, also called pearlescent pigment and effect pigment, our pearl pigment are widely used in these fields such as Cosmetics, Plastics, Packing Paper, Printings Inks,Paints,Coatings, Leathers, Epoxy floor . 

Pearl pigment In plastic:They are popularly used in plastic bottle, cosmetic packing bottle, multiple-color pipe, which will give you an amazing appearance. 

Pearl pigment In cosmetic:It can be applied in lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, nail polish, compact powder, loose powder, shampoo, bath gel, and etc.

Pearl pigment In paper:They are popularly used in packing paper, gift box coating, packing cards, name cards, decoration, wallpaper, yew paper, greeting cards, tobacco and wine packaging, etc.

Pearl Pigment in Coatings: It can be applied in many coating, including vehicle paint, plastic-based paint, wood-based paint, surface coating for synthetic leather/textile/industrial, decorative paint and so on.

Other Applications :

Pearl Pigment in Printings inks & paint: It can be used in various printing systems as intaglio printing, offset printing, surface printing and car paints, etc.

Pearl Pigment in Leathers: It can be used in leathers fields and textile, like wallets,shoes,bags and packages ect. They reflect the light like natural pearls, which will give you an amazing brilliant impression.

Pearl Pigment in Epoxy floor: They are popularly used for offices, bars, restaurants, stores, garages, basements, museums, showrooms floor coating.

Pearl pigment Application Proportion For Reference:

1.Pearl pigment for Paint Application

Car Paint 
Bicycle Paints
Daily Electric Appliances Paints
Interior And Exterior Wall Paints
Toy Paints
Coating Powders
2.Pearl pigment for Ink Application

Gravure Inks
Screen Inks
Offset Inks
3.Pearl pigment for Cosmetic Application

Make-up Powder
Eyebrow Pencils
Nail Polish
4.Pearl pigment for Plastic Application

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Parts
Plastic Films
Latex And Rubber Products

Packing & Delivery :

We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.

About us:

Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearl Pigments. Our products are in a wide range, and widely used in different fields, with superior quality and competitive price. Effect pigments include conventional pearls and special effect of pearl pigment. Conventional grade include Silver, Interference, Mica iron and Gold, Re-colored series,etc. Special effects series include Crystal, Diamond, Chameleon, Titanium Crystal, Double color series, ect. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

Free samples can be sent for your test first.