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Colour No. : T20-39

Colour : Blue-Violet-Red

Particle description : 20-25μm

High pure chameleon Pearl Pigment are made from Synthetic mica base coated Silica(SiO2),Titanium Oxide(TiO2) and Tin Oxide (SnO2) , The percentage of each material are precisely controlled to make it into unique colors . It continuously change colors but not interfere with each other when viewing from different angles. They have good advantages on luster, brightness and color varying effect. Due to the diffraction of light, then form special rainbow color pearl effect pigment.

With strict control of particle size and substrate quality-based, precise control of coating thickness by multiple layers and a variety of metal oxides, which have ultra-flop and color products. It is an innovative special optical effect pigments, high color and has a fantastic mirror effect.

Some people  describe them as Alien” or Ghost Chameleons.


Their high level of transparency gives the multicolor effect pigments enormous styling potential while equally allowing subtle and strong color shifts. Coated with highly refractive metal oxides, the wafer-thin and smooth platelets reflect the light into extraordinary changing interference colors.

Thanks to its high transparency, the Chameleon product series can be combined with other organic and inorganic colorings for a wide variety of styling options with exciting color shift effects.


Compared to regular Chameleon Pigment, high pure Chameleon Pigment have these advantages as bellow :

1.Much stronger luster effect,higher brightness ;

2.Much stronger color varying effects ;

3.Very obviously color changes, especially cool color and warm color formed contrast of changes in temperature;

4.Fine particle and good coverage effect;

5.With good dispersibility, the particles are very uniform.

6.Under strict control, it has hardly impurity, They are high pure.


Chameleon pigment have outstanding features:

1.Colors have different changes under different light and different angles;

3.Not conductive, is insulating material, in high pressure, high frequency processing, not because of the charged causing spark danger.

4.The strong resistance, good alkali resistance, will not change color.

5.Do not dissolve in water, but can be dispersed in water, the processing for the series of waterproducts.

6.Free of heavy metal.

7. Nontoxic, odourless, good light/ well resistance heat/well weather resistance.


With all those features and advantages, High pure Chameleon Pigments are widely used in anti-fake Printing ink, car coating, Cosmetic fields, ect .

Pearl Pigment Application Proportion  For Reference:

1.Pearl Pigment In Car Coating Application

Car Paint 
Bicycle Paints
2.Pearl Pigment In Ink Application

Gravure Inks
Screen Inks
Offset Inks
3.Pearl Pigment In Cosmetic Application

Make-up Powder
Eyebrow Pencils
Nail Polish
4.Pearl Pigment In Plastic Application

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Parts
Plastic Films
Latex And Rubber Products

Packing & Delivery

We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.

About us:

Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearl Pigments. Our products are in a wide range, and widely used in different fields, with superior quality and competitive price. Effect pigments include conventional pearls and special effect of pearl pigment. Conventional grade include Silver, Interference, Mica iron and Gold, Re-colored series,etc. Special effects series include Crystal, Diamond, Chameleon, Titanium Crystal, Double color series, ect. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

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